KIMONO x PHOTOkimono&photos at heritage site

"casual KIMONO x PHOTO" plan

Affordable plan that includes casual kimono and snapshot shooting

・ Rental of casual kimono (komon) set
・ Kimono dressing
・ Hair styling and makeup
・ Snap photography with cameraman for 1 hour
・ Usage facility arrangement fee, Admission fee

Travel time is about 3 hours.
You will be given 70 or more photos.
Photo data will be provided in a download format within next day.
The photos are taken on the traditional streets of “Buzen Kaido” and “Yachiyoza”.
Because you are with the photographer, there is no need to worry about getting lost or getting into trouble!



Popular plan with FURISODE(long sleevs kimono) and commemorative photo

・ Rental of FURISODE (kimono with long sleeves).We offer “crested HAKAMA” for men
・ Kimono dressing, gorgeous OBI knot
・ Hair styling and makeup for FURISODE
・ Commemorative photo taken by photographer
・ Usage facility arrangement fee, admission fee
・ Props for photography: swords, Japanese umbrellas, fans, etc.

Travel time is about 3‐4hours. 
You can experience full-fledged ”FURISODE” dressing techniques up close.
You will receive at least 70 photos.
Photo data will be provided in a download format within one week.
The shooting will be performed inside the traditional street “Buzen Kaido” and inside “Sakurayu”, “Yamaga Lantern Museum” and “Yachiyoza”.
In the season of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, it is possible to arrange the shooting location according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to consult.
Because you are with the photographer, there is no need to worry about getting lost or getting into trouble.
A professional photographer with a dressing qualification will accompany you, so you can fix it quickly even if the kimono is disturbed.



Q:What is the difference between the kimonos offered in the two plans?

A:The “casual KIMONO x PHOTO” plan offers  kimono called Komon.
The length of the sleeve is about 50-60cm, and the same pattern is repeatedly drawn on the whole.
It’s like the clothes you wear when you go out on a date with a little embarrassment.

The kimono offered in the “FURISODE x PHOTO” plan is a formal kimono, called FURISODE.
The length of the sleeve is more than 100cm, and the design is painted like a picture all over.
The obi is very brilliantly and technically tied.
In Japan, it is also the best attire for single women and is the most appropriate kimono for celebration days.
The most beautiful and luxurious kimono for the protagonist.

Q:What kind of kimono do men wear?

A:For men, we offer casual and formal kimonos according to the plan.
The “casual KIMONO x PHOTO” plan offers a set of haori and kimono.  This is the kimono on the day you want to dress up a little.
In the “FURISODE x PHOTO” plan, we are preparing formal kimono called ”crested HAKAMA”. This is a formal dress for men,with a family crest, wearing a HAORI, NAGAGI and HAKAMA.

Q:Is the costume antique? Are there many sizes?

A:Yes. All kimonos are antique.
However, the size is smaller because it is antique. Big body person may not have the right size.

For those of big body person, we offer several modern large size kimonos.

Q:What kind of ”FURISODE” do you have?

A:Please see the image list below.

PRICE for plan"casual KIMONO x PHOTO"


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